Children's Christmas Bazaar

Saturday December 9th
YWCA 36 Mt. Desert Street

This annual event provides children grades K-4th a fun experience shopping for holiday gifts for their immediate family.

Shopping Hours:
Grades 2-4    9:00-11:00                 Grades K-1   10:00-12:00


Admission Tickets:  $1.00
9:00 Admit Grade 3 & 4 with ticket                                10:00 Admit Grade 1 with ticket

9:20 Admit Grade 2 with ticket                                      10:20 Admit Grade K with ticket

Gifts are priced from $.25 to $5.00. Gift wrapping is free.

 Download ticket information and shopping form here.

Please limit shopping list to immediate family members.
Please, NO parents in the building. Thank you.

 Cartoons will begin at 9:00am in the lobby. Please use the hours to get your in town errands done and do not plan to stay at the YWCA. Return to pick up children at designated hour. If your children overlap, they can stay from 9-12. Children 12 and over are welcome to volunteer as helpers. They must call 288-5008 in advance to sign up as a volunteer.