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Opening News

 We have been carefully considering our options for moving forward with reopening the YWCA for this summer season.  After much deliberation, we are announcing that we will be opening but only at half capacity.  To ensure safer distancing, the 3rd-floor rooms will be turned into singles for the season instead of doubles.  We have already notified those who are eligible for a bed based on their place in last year’s lottery.  There are no short-term beds available at this time.

In Maine, the new guidelines allow for interstate travel starting on May 1st with no quarantine requirements (may be subject to change).  For international travel, travelers will need to follow US CDC guidelines, (as of 4/27/2021) these include testing and 7 days quarantine depending on your vaccination status.  You will not be able to quarantine at the YWCA.  For those with J-1 and H2B Visas, we understand that the process is moving forward but you are unsure of the dates, we ask that you please keep us updated and notify us as soon as possible. 

Those who will be staying at the YWCA will have to follow the guidelines set forth by the State.   We are aiming to open on the 1st of June and between now and then we will be readying the building for new lodgers.

                                                                        ~YWCA Mount Desert Island